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Web Helper services

by  Africa Media Australia
AMA can help you not just set up a professionally looking website for your business or project, but we also provide assistance to manage the content and increased traffic. Everyone can set up a website, but it takes skills and time to draw traffic to your site and get the results that are needed for the business, projects or organisation. We provide three packages for web services: 

Silver package: $250 per month
* 3 hours of content management per month
* 3 short articles per month (one every 10 days)
* Facebook postings of your articles/content to attract visitors on the site
* Guaranteed traffic increase to your website traffic by at least 20%



Gold package: $350
* 4 hours of content management  per month
* 4 articles per month (one a week)
* Facebook and twitter management (at least one posting per week)
* Guarantee 30% increase to your website traffic.


Platinum package: $500 per month
* 6 hours content management
* 4 articles per month
* Facebook and twitter and LInked in management (1 postings per week for each platform)
* Guaranteed 50 % more traffic to your website. 



If you simply want to increase traffic to your site (perhaps you already have a site built for you  and don’t need to change anything), we can help increase the number of visitors to your site. We charge $100 for every 20% increase in the traffic, based on google analytics. This means if you want 100% increase you pay $500 and we guarantee the results. Contact us without delay