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AFroshine Awards celebrate the achievements of Africans in Australia

by  Africa Media Australia

The African-Australian community  came together to celebrate successful stories from members of their communities last  Saturday  November 18th,  2017  in Melbourne, as part of the 5th edition of the prestigious AFROSHINE AUSTRALIA awards.

The awards recognise the achievements  of individual Australians of African descent from around the country in 12 categories that include community leadership, business entrepreneurship, artistic talents, professional excellence etc.

Africa Media Australia (AMA) and African Professionals (APA) are the organisers of this awards program that started in 2012, initially as the Victorian African Community Awards (VACA), before it evolved into a national program and was renamed AFROSHINE AUSTRALIA AWARDS.

“These awards are a great opportunity to celebrate the achievements of various Africans in the country. They showcase excellence in our communities and highlight the great stories of success and contribution of Africans into the Australian society”, stated Clyde Sharady, Chairperson of APA and CEO of AMA.

Over 100 African-Australians were nominated for 2017 edition since the nominations were opened in late August 2017. Approximately thirty African nationalities were represented in the pool of the nominees, which also includes non-African individuals and organisations supporting African communities in Australia and in the mother continent.

“Mainstream media in Australia often focuses on negative stories from African communities, but these awards offer a golden opportunity to see and meet great African achievers who are making Australia a better place to live for all”, stated Clyde Sharady.

List of all winners  (see photos at the bottom of the page)


Recipient Award Category
Richard Deng Co-Winner Community Leadership (VIC)
Shick J. Senior Co-Winner Community leadership (VIC)
Mercy Akongo Winner Women in Leadership (VIC)
Jane Chimungeni Winner Women in Leaderhips (ACT)
Catherine Loppy Winner Women in Leadership (TAS)
Lucky Ngoshi Highly commended Women in Leadership (WA)
David Smile Winner Revelation Artist of the Year (VIC)
King Bell Winner Artist of the Year (Music- VIC)
Privato Nyintunze Winner Young Artist of the year  (SA)
Jas Rav Commended Artistic talents (Reggae music- VIC)
Walexy Commended Artistic talents (Pop music- SA)
Eric Kasukulu Commended Youth Leadership  (QLD)
Raviro Nzenza Winner Professional Excellence (Legal- ViC)
John K. Winner Professional Excellence (Film- NSW)
Kamal Veerapen Winner Professional Excellence (Trades- VIC)
Dr Akin Fulaki Winner Professional Excellence (Public Service- TAS)
Rodney Majaya Co-Winner Professional Excellence (Media- VIC)
Ahmed Osman Co- Winner Professional Excellence (Media-VIC)
Christine Mutawara Commended   Professional Excellence (Media-QLD)
Ahadi Lulerhe Commended Professional Excellence (Media-VIC)
Azulant Kora Winner Fashion & Modelling (WA)
Rhoda Mphande Commended Fashion & Modelling (VIC)
Ruby Lyn Commended Fashion & Modelling (QLD)
Agnes Rosina Commended Fashion & Modelling   (VIC)
Mansura Nur Commended Unsung Heroes (Best Mum- VIC)
Mary Yeboah Winner Friend of Africans (NSW)
Dr Paddy Dewan Winner Friend of Africans (VIC)
Mohammed Almalki Highly commended Friend of Africans  (VIC)
Thomas Matthew Highly commended Friend of Africans (VIC)
Single Mother Foundation Highly Commended Charitable  organisations (VIC)
Sammy Bennet Foundation Commended Charitable organisations (WA)
All star Views Commended Organisations supporting Africans (SA)
Africa Find Inc. Commended Organisations supporting Africans  (NSW)


Some Photos of the winners



Mercy Akongo, Winner, Women in Leadership Category




Dr Paddy Deewan (right), Winner, Friends of Africans Category (Victoria)



Christine Mutwarara, Commended, Professional Excellence Category (Media)


Agnes Rosina (Left), Commended, Fashion Design Category 




Kamal Veerapen, Winner, Professional Excellence Category  (Trades/Cabinet Making)


Raviro Nzena (Left) Winner, Professional Excellence Category (Legal)



John K., Winner, Professional Excellence Category, Film


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