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Nigerian Society of Victoria (NSV) in crisis

by  Africa Media Australia

The Nigerian Society of Victoria (NSV) used to be one of the most successful African community associations in Victoria.

Filled with hundreds of Nigerian families, professionals and business owners, the NSV has been growing over recent years under the leadership of  Mr Fred Alale who presided over the organisation for several  years.

Recently, the NSV has being going through a very serious leadership crisis. A conflict opposing Mr Fred Alale and Mrs Temi Ajayi, former Vice- President of the association has escalated drastically, plunging the organisation into a very serious crisis that is threatening the very survival of the organisation.

In this video, Ms Temi Ajayi opens up to AMA and wants to set the record straight by clarifying what exactly took place, according to her and why she resigned from the organisation.  

Mr Fred Alale has been given the right of reply but has not yet responded to the allegations raised against him through this video. 

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