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New rules for rental properties in Victoria

by  Africa Media Australia

If you rent a house or own an investment property, you may need to know about the Victorian government intention to bring changes in the rental property market.  


African-Australian property owner in Wyndham Victoria

Victorians are being asked to have their say on possible changes to the rules around renting properties, as part of the government’s overhaul of the Residential Tenancies Act. The proposed changes have been developed following 331 written responses to the Fairer Safer Housingdiscussion papers and 3,500 contributions to forums and quick polls. 

 “We’re overhauling rental rules so that renters are protected and the laws guiding landlords are up to date….We’re making sure laws around renting strike a fair balance between the rights of people who live in a rental property and the people they rent those properties from.” stated Lily D’Ambrosio, Acting Minister for Consumer Affairs.


The Government is seeking feedback on a range of options including facilitating fixed term leases of longer than five years, restricting rental increases to once per year, improving incentives for landlords to make repairs quickly, such as restrictions on charging market rent  and many other things. 

Submissions close on 10 February, 2017. To make a submission visit: fairersaferhousing.vic.gov.au/renting


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