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Name  Industry/Expertise/Business 
Abboma A. Community engagement
Abderazzaq N. Communications and community development
Abdi Ah Engineering
Abdi A. A. Employment services
Abdi B. Banking
Abdi E. Health care
Abdi R. A Finance
Abdi S Community engagement
Abdillatif F. Logistics, /supply chain management
Abdiqani F. Health care
Abdirasak Y. settlement services
Abdul Ad. Banking
Abdul Ag. Finance
Abdul Alha. Government/Public service
Abdul aziz Abd. community development
Abdul Kh. engineering
Abdul W. pharmacy
Abdullah S Tertiary training (RTO)
Abdullahi A. business owner
Abdy Mo finance
Abeselom N. Yputh empowerement/Justice rehabilitation
Abi Ak. HR
Abiola Aj. Community engagement
Abraham Ad. Visual media (film, photo, DVD print)_
Abraham Jon. community engagement
Abraham K. medical
Abraham M. banking
Abraham Mat. health care
Abshiro F. settlement services
Abu Kib. healthcare
Abu Kiy. health care
Abuk D. banking q
Abuk K. community engagement
Adan Z. Child education
Adaobi Ud. Healthcare
Adebayo Ak. Banking
Adel Fi. engineering /academic
Adel Ta. banking
Aden Ib. IT
Adeolu Ab. telecom
Aderajew Te. academic
Adewale Ol. lawyer
Adil Al -Q. teacher
Adolphus W. banking
Aduba  J. Sales
Adut Dh. community engagement
Alfred No healthcare
Agnes Ns. nursing
Aguer Ng. community engagement
Ahmed Di. Football/Sport/ Youth engagemnet
Ahmed  Is. Business owner /Entrepreneur
ahmed  Yo. Teaching/Education/TAFE
Ahmed Ac. business development
Ahmed M Ah. Program manager /Telecommunication/
Ahmed Mo. employment services
Ahmed Moha. accounting and finance
Ahmed Mus. Small business owner
Ahmed N. Y. Sttart up and IT expertise
Ahmed To community development
AJ W. Health care
Ajak D. Chi. Media
Akech Aj. community development
Akintayo Aki. banking
Akinyi Po. regulators
Akoch Ad. Nursing /health care
Akok M. Ki international development
Akol Den. banking
Alam Mar. banking
Aldo B. finance
Aleu De. regulators
Alfred Ak. small business owner
Alhaji San. community engagement
Ali Ah. community development
Ali Far. banking
Alice Ab. community engagement
Aliye Ge. academic
Allan Bez. IT
Allan Md. business development
Allan Muk. telecom
Alor Bul. banking
Alula Fu. engineering
Amadi  Ro. international development
Amanda G finance/accountancy
Amanda Mur. banking
Amani Ar. health care
amani Ny. legal
Ambrose Mar. community engagement
Amelia Fo. finance
Aminata Gi. community engagement
Amiol M. Ar. security
Amma Ow. disability services
Amos Wang. engineering
Anabel Gat. Telstra
Anastasia Mwa. health care
Andrew Ade. small business owner
Andrew Ga. family services
Andrew Oh. mail handling
Andrew Oke. trades
Andrew Pfum. complaint handling
Angel  Duv. HR
Angela Ch. Bel. Scientist & Researcher
Angela Mp. data analyst
Anita Bir. IT
Anjelina Ny. banking
Ann  Bel. child education
Anne Am. family services
Anne Mach. nursing
Anot Aci. banking
Anthony Adew. banking
Anthony Ethan. IT
Anthony Fat. construction
Anthony Ka. public service
Anthony Mak. Insurance
Antikayo Ak. banking
Anyaak Ab. community engagement
Apollo N. Ky Academic
Archton Mpof. banking
Arier Mak. Multimedia
Arlene Wa. banking
Arlette Mun. banking
Arsene Bo. law enforcement
Arthur Mas. health care
Arthur Mol. activists
Asan Ad. finance
Asha AC. family services
Asha Sal. community engagement
Assah Mil. banking
Asunta  L. Ak. youth matters
Atemthi D. health care
Athanais Ziv. teaching
Atinuke Ab. Pharmacy
Ato Ca. Health and Safety
Atong M. banking
Atwak Ak Banking
Aubert K. education/teaching
Audrey S. Family services
Augustino D. community engagement
Awan M. community engagement
Awar K. legal
Awek A. banking
Ayiik D. public service
Ayub M. banking
Ayuba I. Ghana community association
Azmeena H. lawyer





Name  Industry/Expertise/Business 
Babaide O. public service 
Babiker O. finance 
Bahar Y. Health care 
Bareetu A-B. Finance 
Barnabas K. Peace and conflict resolution 
Barry Mo. engineering
Bashir Ab. banking 
Bastie Ch. banking 
Batsho M. health care 
Becksndale  M. academic 
Bedi O. banking 
Befekir K. social media specialists 
Bekelech Hab finance 
Belete B academic 
Belge B. pastor 
Bem I international relations 
Asan Ad. banking 
Ben Or. banking 
Benjamin Ar. banking 
Bennet Os-K. Engineer 
Bernadette M.  Insolvency services 
Bertha M. HR 
Bertrand T. community engagement /Media 
Betty Be. community engagement 
Bheki Nc. electrical services /engineering 
Bhekizulu Zw. telecom 
Bianca T. health care 
Bichok Ko academic 
Biong D. B. community engagement 
Blessing Ch. telecom 
Blessing Ma. banking 
Blossom A-C business
Bol Ju. healthcare 
Bosede Ad nursing 
Boye ad. banking 
Brian Ki. small business owner 
Brian Ma. banking 
Brian Mak banking
Brian Muk Business and IT/Banking studies 
Brian Mus small business owner 
Bridget L. medical research 
Bright Ch. TBC 
Bright E. banking 
Brighton K. recruitment 
Bruce Ch. faith leadership 
Bruke Z. Student Tutoring 
Bunmi A. business development 



Name  Industry/Expertise/Business 
Caleb N. health care 
Carol Cr. Small business owner 
Caroline S. banking 
Carolyn Mak accounting and finance 
Carolyne Mu. nursing 
Cassidy Ch. finance and banking 
Catherine Ao finance 
Catherine Gu banking 
Caven M. banking 
Cecile Tc nursing 
Cecilia R. M. teaching 
Cephus N. Finance 
Charmaine H. Banking 
Chairmaine Z. public service  
Charles Ab. banking 
Charles Ak. banking 
Charles Fr. health care 
charles Mu. finance 
Charles O Medical health
Charles S. Telecom 
Charles Tu. TAFE teaching 
Chenai M. finance
Chengatai M. banking 
Chiedza Ma medical and health 
Chiko Ka banking 
Chioma U Nursing 
Chris Ka. finance 
Chris Le medical and health 
Christiana C. banking 
Christine Ma. banking 
Chuck E. engineering 
Chucks I. faith leadership 
Chukwudi O. education 
Clarence M. supermarket and retail 
Clement D. community activist 
Cleopas Z. health care 
Colin W-T banking 
Collen M. photography and filming 
Collins Ok. energy solutions 
Cyndy O. banking 




Name  Industry/Expertise/Business 
Dalitso Ut. finance 
Danai M. banking 
Daniel Aj lawyers
Daniel B. finance and accounting 
Daniel G. A.  faith leadership 
Daniel H-M engineering 
Daniel N. Faith Leadership 
Daniel Na. business development 
Daniel Ng Web services 
Dapo O. lawyers 
Daruka B. nursing 
David If. D. business owner 
David J. international development
David K. T faith leadership 
David K. small business owner
David Lu. community development 
David Ma. banking 
David Mar. counselling 
David Mu. engineering
David V. community engagement 
David W. family services 
Davis Mut. finance
Dawn F. media 
Debo G finance 
Decal N. faith leadership 
Deji Iy finance 
Deng M. community engagement 
Denis K. media 
Denis Sa. Immigration services 
Denise Ma. hospitality and hotel 
Denise Mu. engineering 
Dennis Ob. small business owner 
Denove N. Banking 
Deo L. sales 
Derrick C. Finance
Dianna N. finance 
Dick Jo. engineering/telecom 
Dienda M. nursing 
Ding M. child safety and  disability 
DK Won banking 
Dolphine U. banking 
Dominic A-K banking 
Dorcas  U. media 
Dorcas Ch. finance 
Dorcas Mb. media entertainment and arts alliance
Dorothy H. banking 
Dotun Ob. case management 
Douglas Mp. small business owner
Doum Be. Banking 
Dr Abeba G.  academic 
Dr Banydhuro O. veterinary
Dr Juliana Oj. North Melbourne club 
Dr Mherekumombwe Medical and Health
Dut Ng. community engagement  




Name  Industry/Expertise/Business 
E.J. Fundraising 
Eddie Ak. banking 
Edem B. Graphic designers 
Eden Ye. banking 
Edia  community engagement 
Edward Ki. finance
Edward Sa. banking 
Edward Zi. health care 
Edwin  P. Se. banking 
Edwin Ng Banking 
Ehigie  Os. economists
Elijah M. academic 
Elleni B.-S. Diversity and community development 
Elvis G. banking 
Emebet W. banking 
Emeka If. banking 
Emery Mi. banking 
Emmanuel D. banking 
Emmanuel La. academic 
Emmanuel S. digital technology 
Emmanuel Lu. telecommunications 
Emmnuel J. public relations 
Endelkatchew B. Community engagement 
Eric Mw. media 
Ernest D. T. settlement community services 
Eshter Kw. public service 
Esrael M. car manufacturing 
Esther Og. nursing 
Eva S project management 
Evans Ma. banking 
Evans Mu. Party hire 
Eyn G. humanitarian liaison 
Ezedin M. mining 



Name  Industry/Expertise/Business 
Faarah N. Sales 
Fadzai S. finance
Fadzai Sa admin assistant 
Fadzau pf. banking 
Faith Den. finance 
Faiza Y. personal development 
Farah Mo. banking 
Farai Mu. finance /super funds  
Farhia Ab. banking 
Fatima Yu. Hair and Beauty /Health and wellness
Fawaz At. social media consultants 
Fayiah P. community engagement 
Felix M. academic 
Felix Naakeu  public service 
Fesshaie G. finance 
Forget G. engineering 
Francis  B. Security 
Francis Ac. mental health 
Francis D. banking 
Francis Ga construction 
Francis K.  logistics 
Frank I. faith leadership 
Frank Ku. faith leadership 
Fred Al. Finance/accounting 
Fred M. finance
Freddy  Mu. banking 
Freddy Ol. family day care 
Friday J. Fashion /modelling/ Beauty 
Fromsa Al. banking 
Funmilola O. personal development