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Christmas cash

by  Africa Media Australia

This Christmas, AMA is celebrating Friendship and encouraging friendship appreciation.

We all know that life is much sweeter when you have good friends who like you for who you are and who appreciate your friendship and can offer assistance when you’re in need. At AMA, we appreciate all our friends who have been with us on our Facebook page and who read, comment and share our publications. 

We are offering cash and other goodies to all our Facebook friends who can connect us to their own friends on facebook. Here is how it works:

  1. You invite your friends on facebook to go on AMA’s facebok page, LIKE it and send a message through MESSENGER to say something they like about YOU
  2. Every week until 31 December 2017, AMA will give away $100 to one person drawn from a pool of the 10 people who get the highest amount of friendship appreciations registered with their name on AMA’s Facebook  page.
  3. The first 3 people who get 35 friendship appreciations will also automatically get $50 cash from AMA. This means, someone can potentially get up to $150 per week: $50 if they get 35 appreciations quickly and $100 if they exceed 35 appreciations and qualify for and win the draw.
  4. Anyone who gets a minimum of 30 friendship appreciations will also receive either free T-Shirt or baseball cap (pick up only or pay for delivery fee- Australia only).

So,  to take advantage of this great Friendship Offer, all you need to do is post something on your Facebook wall and ask your friends to visit AMA’s Facebook page , LIKE it and send a short MESSAGE through MESSENGER that says something nice about YOU. Ask your friend to register appreciation messages only between Sunday midnight to Friday 12PM. Ensure they state your  full name in their message so that we know it is for YOU. AMA’s Facebook page address is www.facebook.com/africamedia.australia


Terms and conditions
  • You must ensure that you have liked AMA’s Facebook page to qualify for the cash and gifts from AMA.
  • All friendship appreciations must be entered on AMA’s facebook page from Sunday to Friday 12PM (every week). The draw will take place on Friday evening and results announced on Saturday. Overseas-based African friends  (who like AMA) can also participate in this offer, but  they will require 3 times the amount of “friendship appreciations” to qualify for cash  and those who get a minimum of 60 appreciations per week will receive $20.
  • Australian-based Facebook pages (such as community groups or any organisation/business) can also participate, but will require 2 times the amount