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AMA Media Training

by  Africa Media Australia

AMA works in close collaboration with African Professionals of Australia. This partnership gives us access to a wide network of African and Australian professionals and business owners across the country. AMA also receives enquiries from many Australians seeking information or contact within Africans in Australia and in Africa.  Over the years we have developed a large network of people and contacts and are able to provide a number business services including:

  • General business informatoin related to African-Australian communities and the continent of Africa 
  • Information about businesses owned by African-Australians
  • Informatoin about business opportunities suitable for the African diaspora in Australia 
  • Business facilitation services, such as finding suitable partners (financial, technical or commercial partners in Africa and Australia) for Australian seeking to invest in Africa or for Africans wanting to develop businesses in Australia
  • Assisting African trade delegations in Australia
  • Promoting African investment services to Australia and vice-versa 
  • Helping African-Australians to develop and promote their businesses in Australia

If you require assistance with any of the above or have something else that relates to African-Australian communities or Africa, please contact us through the for below.

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