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2013: AMA FOR YOU !

by  Africa Media Australia

AMA is a community-centred platform focusing on showcasing the positive stories of African- Australians as well as help highlight issues and challenges that this section of the Australian population faces in its integration journey. in 2013 AMA wants to involve as many africans and friends of Africans as possible in its efforts to achieve the above. We are opening the platform to anyone with an idea, project, business, talent , organisation or anything that brings value to the community to come and work with us. The PLATFORM IS READY FOR ANYONE (African or non-African) !  AMA also wants to show what is happening in all areas of Afro-Australians lives, including in  the community associations, small businesses, churches, restaurants, hair saloons, food shops…AMA wants to show everything that Africans are doing. For more information, please contact AMA on info@africamediaaustralia.com.au or 0437724469. 

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