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More funding announced for Victoria’s multicultural events

by  Africa Media Australia

Victorian Organisers of community festivals and events are now invited to apply for funding from the Government, as more than $2 million is made available to community groups and schools as part of the recently launched  “Victorian. And proud of it” multicultural policy from the government.

The funding is now available and eligible organisations can apply from today Monday 27 February 2017  under the Multicultural Festivals and Events (MFE)  program for any events held during the 2017-18 financial year.


Performers at the 2016 African music and cultural festival in Melbourne (Photo: Facebook AMCF)


“As part of Victorian. And proud of it. this year, community groups will be required to open up festivals and events to the broader public to share in the cultural traditions that make Victoria the best place on earth. This events program has been going from strength to strength and it just shows how much people value the freedom to celebrate their roots”, stated Robin Scott.

The funding is made available to help showcase Victoria’s rich diversity through food, music and culture, strengthen ties with the public and demonstrate their contribution to the wider Victorian community.

Victorians come from more than 200 different countries, speak more than 260 languages and dialects and follow 135 religious faiths.

The funding is available under three categories, including  small grants capped at $10,000, large grants at $100,000 and primary and secondary schools can apply for up to $2000. Multi-year funding of up to three years is also available for long-running events or those based in regional areas.

For more information, please visit www.multicultural.vic.gov.au/grants


Godfrey Olukya




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